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Android users have a new social network: Peach

Peach comes from iOS as a social network that has managed to find the key in some respects to be a lightweight app that advocates for other things, but throws a lot for what is Facebook itself, such as this with its special reactions.

A few days ago Peach was available for free download from the Play Store as another social network that has a number of features to share text, images, GIFs, Emoji and use “magic words” to find another way to interact with your friends, family and contacts.

Whether it is an alternative to Facebook or Twitter, and we could say that you can soar, gradually become a social network to take into account. Never forget that in all kinds of products of great success there is always a replica, but tell that to Coke or Pepsi.

Peach for Android

Peach is what is primarily a chat window where you can launch tickets to express your feelings or thoughts. Apart from this simplicity it has the “magic words” that is if your special diversification to other social networks such as those mentioned.

Some of those magic words are: “Shouts” if you want your text to have large print,¬†“Draw” to draw a picture with your fingers or pencil¬†or “throwback” to add a photo randomly from the gallery. It has so many magical words such as: Play, Mood, Here, Song, Gif, Here, Mood, Caption, Goodmorning Goodnight, Battery, Weather, Move, Meetings, says, Time, Date, Movie, TV and Game, which will encourage you to try to find out their results.

This is an application that is being updated several times in a few days and will gradually taking more strength to be a real alternative to those known to all alternative.

Download Now: Peach

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