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Samsung Gear 360, a camera to create Virtual Reality

Although the official launch of Samsung we have seen once again the performance of Samsung Gear VR, this time we have seen a step further, in this case we are talking about Samsung Gear 360, a camera that will allow us to produce content VR to play in our glasses or just for posting on the web.

Operation of Samsung Gear 360 is very simple: a camera that plugs into Samsung Galaxy S7 and the captured images are sent to the smartphone to process and create the necessary files for the final file. This camera allows us not only record videos in Virtual Reality but also allow us to create videos from still images .

In this regard, although we have many images, the storage problem will not exist since Samsung Gear 360 has ability to use microSD cards. It also has a rechargeable battery and can be replaced in case of damage or problem with it.

Samsung Gear 360 is an ideal complement to Samsung Gear VR

But perhaps most impressive about this device is that it has two lenses 15 mp each and a luminosity of f 2.0. A technology that is not new nor surprisingly expensive, but still the results are extremely good. To support the platform of Virtual Reality, which closes Samsung Gear 360, the creator of Facebook has come to support and discuss the future of Virtual Reality on Facebook.

Currently there are many apps that use virtual reality but most impressive is that there is already 1 million hours of content in this format, which is expected to increase with the presence of new devices like the Samsung Gear 360.

The price of this new gadget is still unknown but we will soon know and are expected to rise on March 11, the date on which the Samsung Galaxy S7 will start to sell. Still expected than an expensive gadget, but on the contrary, what do you think ?

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