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Spotify comes to an iPod, a portable music player for streaming generation

Everyone who ever used an iPod know what it meant to have the entire music library available, everything in a simple and uncomplicated way and just needed to synchronize when we wanted to put new music, load it and go out without being looking for coverage of mobile data.

As we all know, the iPod was a device that Apple knew not how to evolve in a dignified and useful way, or simply adapt to changing times, so eventually ended up giving in to the arrival of the iPhone and iPod Touch, but experience music was never the same, since everything moved to the Internet. But it seems that finally someone has created a fitting successor to the iPod, and the truth does not look bad.

Mighty: streaming music without smartphone

Occasionally, we find attractive projects seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign, and today is one of those times, as we face Mighty, a device created to enjoy streaming music without carrying the smartphone with us or a data connection.

Why You Need Mighty

Most interesting of all is that in creating Mighty involved characters involved in the technology industry; Thus we have an engineer at Qualcomm, Samsung designer, a researcher at Microsoft, as well as people involved in music and advertising.

As I mentioned, Mighty is a music player very similar in appearance to the iPod Shuffle, and magic is to allow us to hear our lists offline playback Spotify, because yes, Spotify is also supporting the project. For this, you just need to have a Spotify premium account and synchronize your lists via a compatible mobile app to Android and iOS, which only need to do once, and ready, we can enjoy our music anywhere.

Mighty has been endorsed by Spotify, because the player takes a count of reproductions of each song to the issue of payment of royalties to artists, and its operation is based on the format that has the app Spotify on smartphones, where we can listen to storing data and as we know, Spotify Premium allows us to have up to three store offline-enabled music devices, and in this case, Mighty counts as one.


One of the requirements demanded Spotify for offline use Mighty is sync at least once a month. The device has the classic buttons forward, backward, play and volume, but also an additional button to access our playlists, that put us, Mighty indicates VoiceOver through the list name and the name of the first song.

Now on to the apparently weaker party as Mighty only has only 2GB of internal storage, which according to its creators gives us up to 48 hours of music, 250 mAh battery for five continuous hours autonomy and its cargo is via micro USB, charging the battery to 100% in about 45 minutes.

Its creators say they are working on a version with more storage and better battery, meanwhile, this version of Mighty is priced at $ 75 and deliveries are scheduled for November 2016, of course, provided they achieve finance the project which has set a goal of $ 250,000.

More information | Kickstarter

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