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The mysterious return of the original version of Popcorn Time

We all remember Popcorn Time and stir that caused its creation in 2015. It was soon called the “Netflix of Torrents” as it let us stream and watch television shows and movies without any need to pre-download with torrent clients.¬†However, it found himself face to face with the anti-piracy legislation around the world, leading to a close, at least at the end of the original page and the first system, but as often happens on the Internet, it was quickly copied by many in an attempt not to abandon this bold idea. However, today we face the fact that Popcorn Time is back, and this time in its original form.

This original version of Popcorn Time is back, it allows us to share and stream torrents at no cost, with an incredibly user-friendly interface. However, this is all we know so far, no statement about this mysterious appearance.

The original version was staying at “popcorntime.io” however after the announcement on Twitter we find that this new version is hosted on “popcorntime.sh”, so if you want to try, go ahead. We did not find any significant change in any section. Since the portals accuse anti piracy laws cause this situation are constantly tempting the system to impose barriers to file sharing.

For now it will be difficult to bring down servers legally in the country in which they are located, but we do not know exactly how long they will last. However, the original computer says have had nothing to do with the publication of this new website, washing hands against future reprisals, even though this new version of the code looks identical to the previous one. We do not know who is behind this new version of Popcorn Time, but enjoy it while you can.

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