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This elegant smartwatch integrates a mechanical system with a screen e-paper

After a wild explosion, it seems that the smartwatch market begins to cool, since one of the main complaints is that these devices are not very useful in themselves, since in fact it is an extension of our smartphone and companies now instead of trying to provide them with thousands of functions, have reached the point of making them useful and focused on niche sectors.

Under this idea arises What? Watch, which at first glance has neat and elegant design, but its magic is in our power to track appointments and meetings, this thanks to an additional display that is synchronized with the calendar of our smartphone.

What? Watch: the smartwatch to calendar

What? Watch is an interesting twist to smartwatches we all know, because here we seek to be efficient, have sufficient autonomy to perform in the rhythm of daily life, and do one thing well, in addition to the time, and that is having a quick look at our calendar, all in a simple, but under a classic look, on which many manufacturers have begun to bet.

Its operation is divided into two parts, on one hand we have the mechanical function to display the time in a traditional way, and on the other components to give life to this calendar function, with a processor, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, giving feedback to notify of upcoming appointments and accelerometer for using a light touch on the face lets start the E-paper panel.

This screen will show through shadows time slots, so we know when we have a meeting or free time; everything is managed via the mobile app compatible with iOS and Android, which can enable any calendar services such as iCalendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, Facebook Events, Yahoo!, Yandex, among others.

One advantage of this watch is that it has a rechargeable battery that provides a range of more than three weeks, our calendars stored in periods of 48 hours, and we choose to see the cover in 12 or 24 hours. In the event that your smartphone stops functioning or run out of battery, our clock will still display the calendar and that adapts automatically to the different time zones if we travel.

What app

One of the values ​​that have wanted to add to its creators, is to have a classic watch with premium and durable materials, but also provide additional functionality, so find sapphire crystal, aluminum and metal finishes, it is available in three colors, with the option to change and combine different materials straps.

The What? Watch is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter , and for those who wish to support and incidentally get one of these watches, the starting price is 160 euros which will increase as they become finished units. Of course there is a niche device, but certainly attractive to see the twists that can be given to an accessory that wanted to gain prominence in recent years.

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