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Will.i.am prepares a smart watch with voice assistant

The music mogul Will.i.am has tried many times to enter the world of consumer electronics, as did rapper and producer Dr. Dre who came out extremely well close in fact as he is the richest rapper in history after selling his company for no less than 3,000 million. Anyway, so far all Will.i.am products have been a dismal failure. The new thing from the singer is a smartwatch whose main characteristic is speech recognition. With no less than its own operating system independent, and only a virtual assistant.

This watch is called “Dial”, with a very similar to other smartwatches that was launched by the same Will.i.am, a wide rubber bracelet and a bold and aggressive forms design, more like a bracelet instead of a watch. The display is perfectly square, despite the new trend of digital watches that are aimed towards the most classic areas. It will be able to capture all the usual measures focused exercise as well as voice calls and reading notifications. We avoid the reproduction of music and pictures, and that includes a 2 MP camera whose usefulness virtually unknown, unless you prefer the photographic blur.

It is an independent smartwatch, need not depend on any phone, but what you need is a SIM card, right now that Samsung has decided to extinguish these phone cards to include eSIM in its new Galaxy Gear S2 Classic. We do not understand well the fact of placing the voice assistant in the device, if and many users gives them quite embarrassed to use the mobile in public, I do not even want to imagine people loudly down the street asking his watch to run a program or things similar to that. Anyway, Will.i.am, keeps trying to make a place for himself in the tech world.

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