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With this bracelet you won’t need coffee to wake

Are you one of those who need a few cups of coffee to not die of sleep at work or studying? Look at this innovative device.

The new bracelet called Joule will fill you energy without the need to drink coffee because it sends caffeine in your bloodstream through a process called transdermal delivery. Only you must place the bracelet, which also comes as a clock, and your skin absorbs caffeine.

The creators have created a campaign in the crowdfunding Indiegogo. At first its goal was to raise USD $ 15,000, but already carry more than $ 56,000.

The device delivers caffeine at regular intervals to avoid overdose. According to the campaign, through the skin faster by drinking coffee is absorbed.

This bracelet can also be used by people who must reduce their doses of caffeine for medical purposes. And if you do not want to stop and have a cup of coffee the same way you can wear this bracelet because it works as a complement.

Luckily, you can use the Joule Caffeine Bracelet to complement your coffee or energy drink, so you have balanced energy when you can not take your favorite drink your hands. Joule also be used as a substitute in case you decided (or order) to reduce caffeinated drinks for several health reasons.

Quite impressive and unusual, isn’t it?

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