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Facebook Messenger integrates support for Spotify

Perhaps several users have already noticed, but it never hurts to mention that Facebook Messenger has a new option in their chat windows as it integrated service Spotify to its platform.

Listen up! Spotify is now available for Messenger, meaning you can say “Hello” to your friends…or “Sorry” if needed….

Posted by Messenger on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thus, when being in a conversation with one of our contacts in the social network, we can share a song or listen to a favorite topic while dialoguing with someone else.

So that the service is running, both users must have open accounts in Spotify, since otherwise not be able to hear what is being shared.

The feature is available for both Android and iOS and is enabled since the last update of Facebook.

So now you know friends, if you want to share a song with a contact through social networks, and are able to make it through Spotify and Messenger.

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