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Centriphone: “bullet time” effect with an iPhone

The cameras integrated into smartphones do not have a good reputation when making elaborate and demanding shots like“bullet time”. And so users have explored different methods to surround those limitations to get professional solutions. Usually, this kind of effect requires dozens of cameras. However, the accessory Centriphone allows us to imitate the bullet time using just an iPhone.

Is Bullet Time in Smartphone real?

Centriphone for Bullet Time

The introduction of the drone as an alternative platform for cameras and / or smartphones has changed forever the way to capture video. In fact, many products make a special emphasis on this aspect. The problem arises when we want something a little more complex. Take bullet time into account. After all, video recording is available to any basic camera these days. But they can’t offer such professional effects. That’s the reason we run after more advanced tools. And earlier this month we found something called Centriphone. The original video shows a Swiss skier named Nicolas Vuignier in a kind of “bullet time”, waving the camera over the head like a lasso. Many comments said that it was a bundle drone, but Vuignier proved otherwise.

In essence, it’s like a distant cousin of a “hang glider” (if I may see it that way) for iPhone 6 or 6s. And on the official website also found a model compatible with GoPro cameras (models 3 3+ and 4). After two years of development and several prototypes, Vuignier finally found a stable enough design. The design which helps to shake an iPhone over our heads and no doubt get what we call bullet time.

The Centriphone is an open source project. There are plans to market both models by the manufacturers. But if you are interested and, fortunately, have a 3D printer at your fingertips then you can download the plans and play with it. And if you want why not make further modifications to this. Centriphone performance is very good when it is in the hands of someone who has trained with it. On the other hand I personally believe, the idea of such an expensive phone waving over my head doesn’t make any sense …

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