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The hardware of the Xbox One will be updated as the hardware of a PC

Yesterday there was a special event on the Xbox One and on this platform Microsoft. One of those responsible, Phil Spencer has talked about it, the Xbox One and if there is a new version on the way. The manager of Microsoft has been clear if somewhat confusing.

The hardware of consoles is not the same as the hardware of mobile or tablets, its period of validity is higher in the case of game consoles and it marks prey, although in this case Microsoft and Phil Spencer say that soon there will be hardware upgrades for the Xbox One, devices that amplify the power of the console with the same system used in computers. This means that the console of Microsoft will be updated if the user really wants and he wants to aspects such as storage or RAM.

Xbox One will not be changed by another game console but if its components

We do not know anything else and is confusing because a computer has a box that opens and allows you to change the components, but in the case of the Xbox One, the system is not as easy as it sounds and extracting the lid of the box may result in the loss of some guarantees.

I personally think that Microsoft will offer accessories to the power of the Xbox One is changed, but I do not think they are compatible with game consoles we all have at home. I think Xbox One will have a special edition or what will be a new game console may be extended if, which is far from able to make changes ourselves, although Microsoft might also be worth. In any case Phil Spencer’s words sounding distant and that makes me think it will take even a couple of years to see the new changes.

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