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It was time: Microsoft Edge will soon support for extensions

It was a pending matter. At a time when even mobile browsers supports extensions, it was almost a sin that the newly released Windows browser that came with plenty of new features and a completely revamped interface for the user to forget the nightmare of Internet Explorer, celebrated its launch without support for extensions.

Now, as confirmed from different sources, the support for extensions and add- ons will reach Microsoft Edge later this month, just in time for BUIL April in which the company will present its new software for users and developers. In fact, according to the same media, support for extensions is now available internally in the rs1_release.

The most interesting news is that for the final version for users, developers will begin to behave the classic extensions Chrome or Firefox Edge, as often happens with every new browser supported for accessories.

For now, we must wait for the company confirm the release, but certainly the last bastion of browsers, and that being pre-installed Windows has a long journey, finally will receive extensions. It’s never too late if that is good, as they say.

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