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WhatsApp began to encrypt all messages from end to end

Just under discussion between the FBI and Apple, WhatsApp has announced that it will apply to all messages that are shared in the application whether voice, text, photo, video or group conversations, encrypted end to end on each device where it is used.

In its official blog, the courier reported that now each content to be shared can only be read by the recipient or recipients, without having to fear for attacks by cyber criminals or hackers, nor worry about questions from government entities.

This feature need not be enabled in the latest version of the application as it is enabled by default among users, so no need to worry about some kind of activation. As always, the announcement of this measure will give progressively between that have the program.

Recall that until some time ago, the FBI and Apple were in dispute regarding the possible involvement of state agencies in electronic devices, in order to collect information related to terrorists or other criminals affecting the security of a country. Since the Cupertino company were contrary to this, pointing to the privacy of individuals it would be violated.

The move WhatsApp is just to be an endorsement of that position, and so were working for a year with Whisper Systems to develop an encryption system with full coverage, and what about this matter to other services, such as Telegram .

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