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Google already allows you to export your data to Dropbox and OneDrive

You may not know it, but exporting your data services from Google is easier than you thought, this thanks to a tool available in the administration of my account, which allows you to select different services and other data to export; from information such as contacts, emails and profile information to YouTube content, photos and images from Google Drive files.

Known as Google Takeout is a simple way to keep your information from Google if you want to delete your account. Until yesterday only allowed sending a link to download our mail or send it directly to Drive, a storage capacity in the cloud that yesterday expanded its support for Dropbox and OneDrive, according to gHacks .

This service has been updated several times a year adding more and more services from Google, but nothing related to the export methods. Now if the user plans to completely get rid of your account and you want to store your information in other storage services, you can do so without first download the file and then upload it , in this case, Dropbox and OneDrive .

Google Takeout is available from My Account> Personal Information and Privacy> Manage Content> Download your data, where you can select different Google services and other data to be exported. Done this choose the file format and storage service of your choice. Then you will be requested access to your account to start export. Once completed, you will receive an email with the link to your file.

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