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Technology companies join forces for the privacy of users

Apple is an important part in any type of media news. But this time it is not in the news because they have launched a groundbreaking device or have set a new record, but by something quite different: face US government to protect the privacy of users above all. And when I say “above all” it is above all, because they are not willing to give budge even if the FBI ask them for help to unlock the iPhone 5c, a sniper responsible for a terrorist act that caused 14 deaths .

The debate is now on the table between those who defend the importance of privacy (data and even prevent access to the camera and microphone mobile) and those who believe that security is more important. But what Apple should do? Many media agree that should make life easier for law enforcement, but it is not what you think different organizations have to stop the rights of users.

The FBI asks Apple to unlock the iPhone 5c

All (or most) begins when the FBI puts its hands on the lost phone sniper. Looking for ways to give to the terrorist, ask Apple to create a special software so that they can unlock the iPhone 5c and thus can access the personal information of the offender.

Tim Cook responds in an open letter

Tim Cook Apple CEO

The answer was immediate. The Cupertino company responded to the request of the FBI in an open letter signed by the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook , which claimed that accede to the request of the FBI would be a precedent that would threaten the security of its customers with implications “more beyond the legal“. Apple insisted saying the FBI asked them to create something too dangerous: A backdoor. But, as they have always kept in Cupertino, these doors would not only be used by law enforcement, if not only a matter of time the malicious users exploit.

According to the letter signed by Tim Cook, the US government claims that Apple create a special software just to the case of the sniper, but the apple company thinks like many users, it is impossible to guarantee that the software is not using to access other devices and creating it would set a dangerous precedent for future legal cases.

Large companies united in favor of the privacy of users


Since Tim Cook published his open letter, there have been few organizations and technology companies that have joined him in his crusade against the American government. Edward Snowden published a series of tweets in asserting that what has made ​​Apple privacy is the most important thing has been done by users in the last decade, while also criticized Google for not doing the same. But soon after, the CEO of the company now part of Alphabet published several tweets supporting Tim Cook. Finally, the RGS has also issued a statement in which say they are made ​​available to law enforcement, provided they make legal requests and respect the privacy of users.

Companies in the Reform Government Surveillance believe it is extremely important to deter terrorists and criminals and to assist law enforcement legal processing requests for information to keep us safe. But should not require technology companies believe hind technologies that keep information secure doors for users. RGS companies remain committed to the support they need to provide it to law enforcement while protecting the security of its customers and their information.

Admittedly, the issue is sensitive. In my opinion, criminals always find a way to commit their crimes and make it easier for law enforcement a way to access mobile devices are not going to stop. In the end, as always, the ones who have something to lose are the people who do not intend to commit any crime, and we lose something that should concern us: our privacy. That is why I believe that both Apple and all companies that support their position are acting as they should act. For once they have joined forces to benefit users and tweets of the famous activist Edward Snowden not only confirm the importance of what Apple has begun.

If you ask to you: what would you say? Are you with Apple or the FBI?

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